Driving Range or Course Owner?

At Golf Course Properties Not Only Do We Buy, Sell and Develop property on or immediately adjacent to Golf Courses – we help GOLF CLUB OWNERS/MEMBERSHIPS & DRIVING RANGE OWNERS maximise the unrealised potential of their land too

If you are a Golf Club/Membership or Driving Range owner, depending on where you are and what is around you, there may be a number of ways to maximise the value of your land – if not now, then in the future.

Golf Course Properties can help:

  • look at it's future development potential
  • sell it as a going concern if you wish too
  • boost your cash flow or driving range performance if it is not what you hoped for
  • enhance, modify or expand the property options available to you.

If you wish to sell, develop or simply grow your business – we specialise in helping owners of courses or driving ranges extract the un-realised land, or marketing potential, of their holdings.

As a Golf Course Owner, Membership, or Driving Range owner we have 4 niche services to help you:

  1. A complete Turn Key service where we review and research the property development potential for your course/range, if agreed, we maximise the developments potential, carry out the development and manage the sales
  2. Marketing services that help you maximise the revenue potential of your course/range for when you want to sell in the future, or sell now as a going concern
  3. A rapid purchase service if you have money issues that need resolving and need a quick sale
  4. An investment service where you may have short term cash flow issues for new equipment, course/range expansion, or modification.

We offer a range of solutions a traditional sellers agent won't

and a typical "builder" can't!

Service to us is king, where service must provide a solution to a problem, and where the solution and service is tailored to client need.

We have been involved in all aspects of property: sourcing it, selling it, refurbishing it, finding it, building it, advising sellers and helping buyers locate unique properties.

We work to get you the BEST sales results and at the very best value for money.

The foundations of what we do, to help sell or maximise the value of your course or range are:

  • Property Marketing Services
  • Buyer Sourcing
  • Staging and preparation for sale
  • Property PR
  • Refurbishment and project management
  • Architectural services and design
  • Planning Permissions
  • A complete "turn key" Development package
  • Investment packages for modification/expansion or coverage of cash flow for new equipment/other.

We are highly discrete, operate in a confidential way and can be relied upon to protect your interests and produce results.

Call now to discover more – 01635 917373 or email info@golfcourseproperties.co.uk – the UK's first and foremost – Golf Course Property Specialists.

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