For Property Buyers

Without a buyer a seller cannot sell. Yet the treatment buyer's often receive, leaves a lot to be desired.

On the other hand many sellers have been victim of selling via an agent who "swaps" sides once a buyer is found and starts to act on the behalf of the buyer not the seller. At Golf Course Properties we believe in providing excellent customer service but as joint developers with our golf course property owners we act as principle with the ability to structure deals that would not be possible via a typical home seller or agent.

Because of our focus on golf course property we get to know our sites well, and because we design and develop the properties we know them inside out too….ensuring you have all the information you need to purchase an excellent new home in a superb setting. As a buyer this makes sure you get relevant and timely information about what you want to buy. The information saves wasting your time and will prove helpful to you in achieving what you want to achieve in your purchase.

We take the time to fully understand your buying needs, not just in what you seek, but what your future property/property life cycle aims may be. By taking the time and trouble to do so we can advise you accordingly.

Some buyer relationships, as with our sellers, may be one off deals whilst other relationships could last the entire “property lifecycle” – whether buying as a family, individual, or investor, and as you move onto and up the property ladder as your aspirations, locational needs, and financial abilities allow, or for later downsizing, ill health, or as investment or return needs change, we will be here to help further as needed.

By working this way, we get to know and understand your lifestyle needs, your primary motivators and the property type and location you seek. It enables a stronger ability to match your needs with those of our developments. 

If as a buyer, you have very specific needs, or are someone for whom anonymity is crucial, or you simply cannot find what you seek, we provide a bespoke home search service to source, negotiate and secure it for you.

At Golf Course Properties we believe in tailoring our services, fees, and activities to how you want them, in ways that suit you best. To discover more, call 01635 917373 or email  or fill in the Buyer Enquiry Form below:

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