Land Wanted

Do You Have or Know Of Land/Property With Development Potential? If you do – we want it!

At Golf Course Properties, golf course property is our specialism. As a developer we develop land and existing properties. We are also always actively seeking opportunities for land for residential and/or commercial development close too, adjoining, or on golf courses.  

We can help unlock the development potential of land in order to get the best value for you.   

Deals come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so we consider anything from including straight purchase to joint venture and everything in between.

If you, or someone you know has a plot of land or know of land possibly suitable for residential or commercial development on or adjacent to a gold course just contact us. Anything from virgin plots to end terrace or semi detached homes with side plots, or homes to split or extend.

For deals that are workable we will also pay an introducers fee where appropriate. 

To discover if what you have, or know about could be suitable, just send an email to now outlinining what you have, where it is, including post code, any Outline Planning Permission (OPP) or Full Planning you may have already obtained [and ref numbers] if handy and a 'phone number and we will come back to you promptly.