If You Own A Golf Course Property We Help You Maximise Your Property Value – you just need to be on, or immediately adjacent to a Golf Course. In fact we specialise in it…

  • If you are a property owner on, or adjacent to a golf course, and wish to see if you have un-realised potential in your land or surroundings – we are the specialists to know to help you unleash it
  • If you have a property on or near a golf course and need to sell quickly, we can buy it from you
  • If you seek a property on a golf course we may have one for you
  • If you are a Golf Course Owner or Driving Range owner, perhaps we can help you maximise the value of your land too?

Golf Course Properties specialise in helping owners of properties on golf courses, golf clubs owners or driving range owners, develop their land holdings or gardens. We are "Turn Key" project managers and developers who help you gain planning permission for property development, extensions and conversions. For full developments we provide everything needed to sell it. We provide you, the property owner, with a total solution to maximise value with no hassle.

If that interests you then call 01635 9173737or simply email info@golfcourseproperties.co.uk to discover more.

We offer you a range of solutions…

From initial development concept to later property marketing, sales, property design and architecture, agency and home sale management, our team come with in depth experience, where service is king, where service must provide a solution to a problem, and where the solution and service is tailored to your needs.

We offer "cafeteria" style service options and pricing structures, which means you gain greater flexibility and are not offered a "one size" fits all approach as typical agents or builders will give you.

We offer focus on one thing – maximising the value of your land or property

We specialise in Golf Course Property. This means we get to know you and your property better, making the construction, design, development and sales job more effective and our specialisation helps attract just the types of buyer needed to make the project a success.

For the buyer our approach, high level of customer service, and greater, in depth knowledge of both courses and properties, means they gain more information to help make better informed decisions and they become happier buyers.

We are golfers and property lovers also, with a passion for both!

There are various things we do tee up the maximum value for you!  These are the 14 sales advantages we bring to get you developed and sold:

  • Property Marketing Services – off line
  • Property Marketing Services – online
  • Detailed "Viewing" preparation to fully inform the buyer
  • Buyer Sourcing
  • Property Search
  • Property Staging
  • Property PR
  • Construction Management
  • Project management
  • Architectural services and interior design
  • Planning Permissions
  • Funding
  • A complete "turn key" Development package
  • Property and Golf Course Sales Management or Land Value Maximisation.

We are highly discrete, operate in a confidential way and can be relied on to protect your interests, produce results and deliver on our promises.

Call now to discover more – 01635 917373 or email info@golfcourseproperties.co.uk – Golf Course Property Development Specialists.

Or, complete the form below and we will get back to you:

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